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Insurance Underwriting Links

Achoo Great database of medical websites.
Alcoholism and Recovery Everything you may or may not want to know about AA.
AMA Medical Glossary Large list of medical conditions and terms with brief definitions.
American Cancer Society Cancer info
BeWell.com glossary Glossary of medical procedures
The Body HIV info
Cancer Web Online Medical Dictionary Glossary of cancer terms.  Large Index.
Cancer Web Online Medical Dictionary Drug Database Drug Database.
Cardiovascular System Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
CBS Healthwatch Medscape Specialty Site with much information
Center For Disease Control Gives statistics.  Some information requires password.  I tried a query and site told me to check back later.
Cleveland Clinic Excellent info (limited topics). Very easy to read
Discovery Health Consumer Oriented Health Site with Dictionaries and Q&A Forums
Doct.org Search Multiple Sites for Medical Info
Dr. Koop Similar to many other consumer health websites
Drug Free Resource Slang names, Pictures and Info on Popular Illegal Drugs
E-pharmacy   Gives patient friendly information on prescription drugs.  Describes side effects well. 
The Inner Body Online Anatomy Lessons
Insurance Medicine An Underwriters list of Websites
Internet Resources for UW Internet Resources for UW
Health Answers They have it all in an easy to use format
Hep Net Hepatitis Info
HMR USA Online Anatomy Lessons
iBio Symptoms & Signs Self-Assessment Search Engine
InteliHealth Johns Hopkins Health Information - (has a great dictionary)
Just One Night An in depth look at DWI facts and laws - very informative
Karolinska Institute Medical site with an alphabetical listing, category, and references to multiple publications.
Laparoscopy Lots of pictures, movies and info about Laparoscopic Procedures
Medicine Online Includes good information and links for AIDS and Cancer.  Also includes a medical textbook. 
Medscape Physician training & info
Medsurfer Starting Point for Searching Many Medical Topics
Medical Resources on the Net  
Medline Plus If you want to research this is a good place to start
Merck Merck
NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders - small listing but very good!
Office of Rare Diseases Similar to a Vade Mecum. List of multiple rare diseases. This site could be useful if you want to check the spelling of an unknown disorder. It is difficult to use this site to find out more information about the specific disorder.
OnHealth similar to Health Answers.com but not quite as easy to use
Online MD Searchable Dr database and Health topic Library
Online Medical Dictionary Quick searchable dictionary
Open Records Project Free Access to Public Records Databases
PDR Physician's Desk Reference
Pharmaceutical Information Medical Glossary that includes medications, disorders, pronunciations, and sometimes pictures.
RXList This site gives information on drugs.  Not as patient friendly as E-pharmacy. 
SafeMedication Gives information similar to E-pharmacy.
Search Pointe Physician Search and Background Check
Social Security Death Index Search the Social Security Numbers of the Deceased
Suicide at Rochford Suicide Information and Education
U.S. National Library of Medicine Large number of databases.
Virtual Drug Store Interesting Database of New and Old Medications
Virtual Imaging Library Pictures of Various Imaging Processes
Virtual Hospital Univ. Of Iowa - Library Resources
Web MD similar to Health Answers.com but not quite as easy to use
Wheeles Textbook of Orthopaedics Reference for Orthopaedic conditions - illustrated.
The Whole Brain Atlas An interesting look at CT scans of the brain
Your Urinary System and How it works Simple descriptions of the Urinary System
12 Lead EKG Library EKG library of tracings maintained by Dean Jenkins.